About us

Once upon a time, after a hard days work in the fied, the farm hands got together in the evenings by candle light in the cattle stall, warmed by the heat of animals.
The children played, the men repaired the farm tools, and the women spun wool.
The farming community used to call this tradition of socializing “Il Filò”.
Today Sandra and Davide are happy to continue this tradition, welcoming guests in the stable elegantly restored of their small farm, a pleasant and confortable setting where one can spend a relaxing break, surraunded by nature, history, art and traditions of the past.
The farm is located in a green hilly area close to Lake Garda where vines and olive trees are cultivated and their local products are tastable.

Bed and Breakfast Il Filò - Via San Giorgio 1145 - Valeggio sul Mincio (VR) 37067 - Tel. 3494002361 -